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Given that you had one of your hips surgically repaired recently, I'd strongly consider working in a decent amount of unilateral work to help limit the potential for developing bad habits due to compensation for weakness. I'm sure you've got a nice assortment of (p)rehabby work, too, but working at heavy loads can force you to compensate in ways that your doc, who thinks that heavy lifting is right out, isn't considering. Lunges/split squats can be loaded with a barbell enough to develop your max squat while helping strengthen the weak side of the imbalances that limit your max lifts. I also swear by SLDLs, but given your huge DL-BS ratio, I suspect this will be less helpful for you than it is for me. Still, it would work in lieu of one of the RDL sessions (and/or alongside them) to make sure there isn't too much of an imbalance there. and there's lots of single leg exercises that might fit-in as accessory work. The trick is figuring out which ones do the most for you, so you don't waste too much time and energy on the little stuff.
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