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Snatch- you're doing a better job not swinging the bar out away from your body. I think you should pull yourself down more aggressively on the third pull. This will help with a quicker turnover. You're right about the elbows bending early, try to keep them straight a little longer. I don't see your heels rising too soon so I don't think that's a big issue.

Clean- it looks like you're exaggerating the sweep and you're straightening your legs a little too much on the first pull. This is causing you to bump the bar out away from your body on the second pull. Try to keep your chest up more as you pass your knees. Also, try to bring your elbows up and out on the third instead of back.

The bar should be placed over the ball of the foot for both the snatch and the clean. You feet in the starting position for the snatch is a little wider than in the clean. They should be the same for both lifts.
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