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Matt Edwards
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I have definitely been contemplating the unilateral work. During my 3 months where I was only allowed to lift up to 50#, I did almost exclusively unilateral work and got ok strong there (skater squats with 50# external for sets of 8 and half-kneeling single arm db press 50# for sets of 5). As of right now, my warm-up is almost exclusively unilateral with a couple PRI drills to reinforce it and a few of my jumps are unilateral based. I tested my single leg verts and they are only 1/2 an inch apart so I'm not too concerned yet. I think after another 1-2 months of hammering the bilateral work I will definitely go back to heavy rear-foot elevated split squats and the occasional walking lunge to keep some form of loaded locomotive pattern, those two seem to be my big-bang unilateral exercises.
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