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If it were me (or any of my athletes), and there was no major competition until September, I would go in a completely different direction. In fact, our next meet is September 28 (outside of mock meets, which we treat as heavy training days), so we are doing just that.

1. Strength focus - squats and pulls
2. Bodybuilding to increase overall muscle mass

I mean, you can play with it any way you want, but I squat first at all costs and do some sort of bodybuilding every day. Snatch and clean and jerk are an afterthought and only once or twice a week. When I do them, I do something completely different, like repping out 85-90% of my best snatch. That keeps things interesting.

I've added 23 kg to my squat in 7 weeks. I just did an unsanctioned meet, and all of my lifts were a joke. 23 kg makes a huge difference.

And, I'm 37. I'm not old. Sorry.
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