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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I guess my point is that you're never not training specifically for weightlifting, even without any upcoming meets or a nearby coach.

I agree w Tamara that this is a good time to really push basic strength (although weightlifting-specific) with squats, pulls, DL variations, pressing variations, etc. Continue doing the classic lifts and variations thereof, but you can definitely back off the intensity/frequency of them for a period of time to really goose your strength numbers.

So the minimum, which is I guess the crux of your question, will depend on you personally. I feel like I can snatch and clean & jerk 1x/week only if I need to and be fine, but obviously that's only if needed and when I'm nowhere near competing.

I think a combination of A and C would be fine - do each competition lift at least 1x/week, and some tech work specific to your needs in addition. If you're only doing the comp lifts 1x/wk each, I would do something like:

Day 1
CJ tech work

Day 2
Snatch tech work

That way you're getting exposure to each lift basically 2x/wk even though you're only doing the lift itself 1x/wk.

BUT if you're going to do that, you better be pushing the strength work hard.
That template looks good Greg,thanks.I don't know if my strength will go up but i will be power cleaning,bench pressing,push pressing ,squatting,deadlifting and doing chin-ups 5 days per week,so let's see how it goes.
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