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Originally Posted by Blake Barnes View Post
He's not getting full extension in the clean or the snatch. He needs to open his body up and push through the ground as long as possible.

On the jerk, the dip may just be a tad forward. My main concern is when he splits he's leaning forward and putting too much weight on the front leg. The weight looks light for him in these videos so it may not affect him but when the load gets heavier this will become an issue.

On the snatch, he's breaking his elbows a little too soon. He needs to turn his elbows out before he even lifts the bar from the floor and keep them out throughout the 3rd pull rather than tracking them backwards.

Additionally, on both the snatch and the clean, he's ripping the bar off of the floor to quickly. He needs to bring the bar up slower on the 1st pull and then explode into the 2nd pull as he reaches full extension.
This was exactly what I saw, too!!
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