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A big thing for me that I saw was the difference in reps regarding the set up for the clean, of which I imagine is the same in the Snatch also. As he resets his position at the "get set" position, in one of the lifts his shoulders are in front of the bar, the next over if not slightly behind.

By rushing the initial set-up of the lift you are ultimately going to be changing the pull continuously. As a beginner this is actually a good thing in some cases as you will slowly teach yourself the ideal position for yourself (if you listen to your body). However, you need to take more time in preparation for the lifts, to realise where it is you feel the strongest.

Also, agree to other statements, not finishing the pull, tempo of lift is off, to much use of the arms. Just be patient with the lift, if you hit all the key positions... it will all go beautifully

Keep the lifting going, I imagine in months time the next videos will be completely different
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