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Just to add on to what everyone else has said, I've been doing physical therapy over the last year and a half for my shoulders, these are the big things I address:
Foam roll Pecs and Lats
Lacrosse ball roll ant/post shoulder
Sleeper Stretch
Scapular Wall Slides
Child's Pose
Doorway Stretch

I typically do these as a part of my prehab in addition to my warm up because I have so many issues with my shoulders, but you can break it up like this to make minimal adds pre, during and post workout.

Foam roll and Lax ball roll

Scapular Wall Slides - During one particular exercise that gives your shoulders trouble do ten in between each set, achieving around 40 total slides

Sleeper Stretch
Childs Pose
Doorway Stretch
Lax ball roll again

I have a 2 a day rotation with a separate rehab and warm up that I do before my warm up and workout in the afternoon that includes all of that, I'd be glad to share all of that with you if you're interested.
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