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Originally Posted by Blake Barnes View Post

It would be a good idea to get your shoulder checked out by a physical therapist before you go through any serious weightlifting training.

You look like you have a good understanding of the lifts. On both the Snatch and the Clean, you're jumping forward a little bit on the extension. Try to keep you weight back longer and bring the bar to you.
Thanks for the advice Blake: I will do it.

About the shoulder, I already did two echography and two doctors examined me: they said me to start again with weightlifting, gradually. That is what I did and what I am doing.

Workout by workout, shoulder condition gets better. Yesterday I was able to lift 70 kg of BP without any problem.

By the way, in the coming days I will post many other videos; so, if you want, you can give me some other advice: I would be really grateful.
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