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Default wrist pain

Has anyone had to deal with wrist pain, and what did you do to fix?

I have been doing the classics+variations and squats for about one year or so, and for the last few months have been having an aching pain in my right wrist.

I do a lot of mobility for it (no meds), but it doesn't seem to help. I used to grip collar to collar but have recently brought it in to about one inch past the rings.

It hurts all the time, but mostly on the warm up lifts. It's still noticeable as the lifts get heavier, just not as bad. I've worked through back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain, but this doesn't seem to be healing. I should also say it doesn't seem to be getting worse either, just constant.

I'm considering going to a squat program for a while to give it a rest, but hate the idea as there's a meet in August that I'd like to attend and don't want to lose anything on the lifts.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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