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Default Troy VTX Bumpers Update - 12 months later-look before you buy!

I've tried and tried to deal with Troy/USA Sports over this and they won't talk to us. Those of you familiar with all this can probably search and find my other reports/Threads on these bumpers and my dealings with this company.

Here's some of the replacement bumpers the Vendor (not Troy but the vendor out his companies own pocket at Wilder Fitness). Sent us.

In jan we had 28 broken 25lb bumpers (from the replacements given to us last July), Troy offered to replace only 14 of them and only to "shut me up" on forums. Again, our vendor stepped in and replaced the other 14...

As always your free to buy whatever bumper you want but I know one bumper I'll never buy again.. You all would NEVER have heard from me if Troy/USA Sports would have stepped up and communicated with me on a way to solve this...

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