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Default Donnie's Log - Beginner Weightlifter / Coastal Rower

Well, I am notoriously bad at keeping a log but I would like to try to hold this one down for the intermediate term. I have a decent level base but am looking to get better at weightlifting as well as to start a new sport called coastal rowing to keep me busy and in shape(6-8km average distance on open ocean, single scull)

Age: 30
Weight - 103.5kg .... want to drop to 95kg
Height - 6'4 (196cm)

Rowing PR's:
*reserved for future*

Current PRs:

B. Squat - 135kg
F. Squat - 85kg
OHS - Never Tried
Jerk - 75kg
Push Press - 75kg
Strict Press - 67.5kg x 3
Bench Press - 85kg x 3
Snatch - 50kg
Clean & Jerk - 75kg
Power Clean - 85kg
Hang Clean - 80kg
Hip Snatch - 55kg
Barbell Row 100kg x 5
Deadlift - 195kg
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