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Thursday, July 18th/2013

8km Bike Commute Warmup

warmup to...
50kg x 1 x 8
-I guess I should probably save some video for analysis instead of deleting it. I seem to do very well for the 1st / 2nd pull but have a really hard time shrugging myself under the bar, I just muscle the bar up so I catch it with my legs fully extended and standing straight up instead of in an OHS athletic position.

Clean & Jerk
warmup to...
60kg x 1 x 8
-Same as the snatch, fine for the clean part but basically catching it standing straight up, obviously adding more weight should force me to dip to catch. Jerk really sucked and didn't feel comfortable, I am sure now that I am focusing only on weightlifting everything will come along in a few weeks.

Front Squat
50kg x 3
55kg x 2
60kg x 2
65kg x 2
70kg x 2
75kg x 2
80kg x 2
85kg x 1

C2 Row
4km @ 70% HR (150) - 19:12
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