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Thanks for the detailed response.

1) i thought the point was to have the back angle the same from the moment the bar breaks the ground to the moment it passes the knee. aka hips and chest moving at the same time. during this time the bar shoudl be travelign backwards from the ground to the knee and at the knee the the shin angle should be perpendicular to the ground. I feel like I am doing all of this?

or are you saying I need to have more of a vertical back angle during this process? If so, what does the vertical back angle fix? will it help with getting under the bar?

2) I havn't missed a 90% snatch since the last time I posted on here (a while ago). I can snatch grip push press 225 for reps and the weight feels light. I can catch 90% fine deep in the hole being comfortable. However, I miss 100% snatch (215lbs) 50% of the time, which I think is normal?

3) i agree i need to grab wider. my arms are bending like crazy.

Thanks Javi!

Can someone correct me if I am wrong with the following assumptions:

I feel I am hitting the power position with my torso upright and feet flat on the floor, when I extend I am standing tall with vertical hips, and not rainbowing the bar. If this is true, which I think it is, why is my pull the issue? Woudln't my issue be how I am getting under the bar? If bar path on the pull is fine and consistant, why would that cause me to lose the weight forward? Or am I NOT hitting the power position on my heels, NOT getting the hips high and vertal, and AM rainbowing the bar a little? If so, I am assuming Javi's suggestions will fix this?!

Could I get a second opinion? Mr Everett?!
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