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Originally Posted by William Forth View Post
Anyways, since then I'm a bit more careful with being things off friends. So a while ago, a friend of minde (different one this time) offered his weight lifting equipment, which included the weights and the installation, but he also had some straps, a belt and knee sleeves, which he had already used, so I'm not quite sure about those. Do they wear out? If so, are they expensive to buy new?
I'm not sure what you mean by installation, but lots of people I know buy weights and bars second-hand. So long as the bumpers and bar look to be in good working shape and are of decent quality, you should be alright. Bars can be a little worrisome if you don't know how well the previous owners treated it.

As far as straps, belt and knee sleeves, they do wear out, but it's difficult to know when they will. Straps are very individual, people like different styles, but they're not that expensive to get, you might just have to shop around. Knee sleeves also wear out to some degree or breakdown. They can be a little more expensive depending on the brand, make and model. Belts will generally last a bit longer, but it's hard to give any specifics as it really depends on what type and brand of belt it is. Some will last a very long time, others not so much. It will also depend greatly on previous use. Again, belts can be very individual and price to replace is really all over the place depending on style and make of the belt.
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