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Ugh. Just do the program, or do some other program, or do your own thing and learn from your mistakes. If you want more metcon, you should sub-out some of the lifts, not some of the metcons. They are there to maintain your conditioning, not to improve it. If you want to get good at the olympic lifts, you shouldn't worry about the metcons.

There's a vast distance between break-down mode and optimal progress mode. Try the program. You'll find that lifting heavy that much is quite taxing by itself. If you really want to do an oly program (and since you are asking about one here, I assume you do), give it the 12 weeks and see how much you'll gain. Unless you are already a beast, I'm betting that you will be much better at metcons when you are done, even if your 5K time is slower, simply because you are that much stronger. Work on conditioning then, if you want. You'll be starting with a much stronger foundation upon which to build.
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