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Default Week 2

Alright, week 2 is over. Already I'm feeling the effects of going heavy everyday. This week I had to break two of the work outs into separate sessions (the wednesday workout and the saturday workout).

I'm getting diappointed in my BS performance and also, my SN and CJ are feeling more deflated. In response, I've increased the amount of food I'm eating everyday (namely protein) and I'm trying to get more sleep.

A few PR's this week:

Jerk BNK x2 = 215 (previous was 205)
High Hang Clean x2 = 195 (previous 185)
Both of these PR's can be attributed to not doing these lifts very much before this.

Week 2 numbers:
SN (high/low): 181.5/170
CJ (H/L): 215/210
BS (H/L): 315/305
FS (H/L): 270/245
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