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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
What changed a few months ago? That is, why didn't it hurt before? You need to find where the problem is coming from or you won't be able to fix it.
Greg, I can't think of anything in particular that changed other than the program i was following. I am a recovering, chronic program hopper. (I say recovering because I'm following the 6 week, 3 days per, sample program you posted for one of your master lifters. It's working out perfect for my schedule. Thank you for that.) The program I was on was 5 days per, so I'm actually getting more recovery time now. Maybe an accumulative thing?

Originally Posted by Tom Brown III View Post
I’ve had a similar history/injury. After 7 months learning the SN & CJ my left wrist began to hurt, mostly in the rack position, but with a snatch grip too. Then during a PR attempt last April I got under the bar a little too early and it crashed down on my wrist and put me out of commission. I couldn’t even tolerate a push up position.

To make a long story short, in a word the issue was shoulder (and wrist) mobility. I solved it with a combination of

1) Loading the barbell on squat stands with heavy enough mass to resist lifting of the bar. Go under the bar as if you’re going to rack it and gently push with your legs in order to increase the stretch. I repeated this for 5-10minutes every work out using the onset of low pain as a threshold.

2) Starrett mobility drills every work out. Here are two that I found most useful:
a. For wrist:

b. For shoulder:

As a means of judging progress I noted that prior to this regime I didn’t have the mobility to rest an empty bar on my shoulders in the rack position –and it was painful. For about 6 weeks I laid off cleans and focused on snatching, squats and light weight jerks from the rack position off the squat stands. It was mentally tough because I wanted to keep my linear progression positive; it sucked training in a recuperative mode. But I stuck with it and currently an empty bar sits comfortably in the proper rack position. I’m pain free, I re-established my March 2013 PR’s 3 weeks ago and this past Saturday I added 3kg to my snatch and 5 kg to my clean and jerk PR’s. I’m officially back on track.

Keep in mind that this is only me; a sample size of 1. I’m new to the sport so I’m not in a position to offer advice, just share my experience. I guess the main message is that with patience, an intelligent approach and time you can recover and excel.
I should also add that I was fortunate enough to spend an hour with Coach Everett in February, a couple weeks before my injury. One of the form corrections he gave me was my hand placement in the rack position. They were way too wide, a sign of a lack in mobility. Instead of working on mobility, I stubbornly forced my hands to the proper position soldiered on assuming my body would adapt even though it was painful. So add find a good coach and listen to his/her advice to the mix.

Sorry this was so long, I just felt an immediate connection to your situation and hoped my experience might help. Please keep us posted on your progress here on the forum.
Tom, thank you for the advice. I never knew of the shoulder/wrist relationship. I'll add these to my regimen. I've been doing distractions, voodoo band therapy, rubbing out trigger points, and wearing bands and straps while training. These have provided some relief, but there is still some discomfort. I can totally relate to not being able to get into a push up position. That would be a little too much to handle at this point.

Right now I'm just playing it by feel. I don't like going to a doctor for every ache and pain. I think I train fairly smart and am able to work through them when they do happen. This one just seems to be lingering a little longer than usual.

A question to you both, at what point do you think it would make sense to see someone about this? I'm hesitant as I can just hear the advice from my general prac, why don't you just do some light cardio and a little resistance training like everyone else and stop this weightlifting nonsense.
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