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Originally Posted by Michael Young View Post
A question to you both, at what point do you think it would make sense to see someone about this? I'm hesitant as I can just hear the advice from my general prac, why don't you just do some light cardio and a little resistance training like everyone else and stop this weightlifting nonsense.
I can sympathize with you, Micheal. When I told my primary care physician that my wrist and shoulder hurt while doing the snatch and clean & jerk he had no clue. His advice was nearly identical to your thoughts on what he would say.

I ended up “googling” orthopedic surgeons in my area including the term “weightlifting” and/or “crossfit”. I was extremely fortunate in that the doctor for the crossfit games and the New England regionals, Dr. Sean Rockett at Orthopedics New England, is located an hour from me. I can’t tell you how great it is to have a doctor approach your personal health care from the perspective of “you can” rather than “you’re all done”.

It helps to keep in mind that the average physician is dealing with the average public on a daily basis. So a person in command of their own health, nutrition and life in general is an anomaly – a sad but seemingly, true fact of our society.

In the end Dr. Rocket ordered X-rays, which showed no acute damage. He found minor arthritis, which is typical for my age and slightly abnormal bone formation (but symmetrical, thus non-causative, in both hands as confirmed by a second x-ray of my other hand). He prescribed active recovery backing way off on intensity with moderate volume using discomfort as a threshold for work. I also found the Starrett mobility stuff and incorporated it into my routine.

Good luck, Michael. Keep us posted.
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