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Originally Posted by Nicholas Rudawski View Post
Hey guys,

I recently got back from a week long vacation. I wasn't able to continue lifting during the vacation (though I was able to do some mobility/flexibility work) and during said vacation I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and fishing for several hours at a time (to the point that my back got really sore!); I was still able to eat pretty well. Anyways, when I left for vacation, my training was going really well, but when I got back, I felt like all my strength had evaporated. Just as an example, a weight I could front squat for three reps no problem I could barely do for a single.

I guess trying to jump right back into the training cycle I was in would be a bad idea. If anyone has any advice about a good and/or systematic way to ease back into training after some extended time off, I would really appreciate it.


I just answered in another thread regarding this exact topic. I've done this several times, and the short answer is NO, you cannot jump right back into your interrupted program. What I've found that works for me after a week (or maybe two) off is to ramp up the first week back. In other words, do bar tech work the first day, then start adding weights through the week. I've found that this works the best as it will prepare you for getting into another program.
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