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Originally Posted by Gil Guy View Post
Thing is, I'd like to start Olimpic weightlifting aswell (or even instead of Crossfit). I'm a guy who likes knowing what he's doing so I got a copy of Greg's book from amazon and started reading.

a little about me:
Weight: about 80kg
Low bar Squat: 75kg for 5 reps
Deadlift: 90kg for 5 reps
Press: 45kg for 5 reps

There's a weightlifting class I can attend, but first I'd like to ask a few questions.

1) Should I get any special gear I should use from the begining? (I've got WL shoes for now)
2) Should I take a "prep phase" before starting, in which I shall learn how to HB squat and work on my flexibility? (my LB squat breaks parallel, but I can't do a full ranged HB Squat yet) How should I program it?

Any other information would be much welcomed.

Thanks in advance!
1. No, you don't need any special gear to get started. The fact you have WL shoes will be more than enough.

2. No need to do a prep phase. The class should teach you the high bar squat and every other movement you will need to learn. You can work on flexibility as you learn the movements.

My advice to anyone is to just get started!! Good luck!!
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