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Default 3 pos clean and jerk critique for a beginner

Hi, so I'm pretty new to Olympic lifting, only really been doing it for the last few months or so. I've been doing crossfit for a while but haven't paid much attention to seriously improving my lifts until recently. I'm currently doing your 8 week general program to try and get my weights up on my lifts but figured it would be a good idea to get my form checked before I start trying to lift heavy with incorrect form. So these are from yesterdays workout on my 3rd and 4th sets from the Wednesday of the first week at 70%. I thought my mistakes would be more prominent when I was already fatigued. I think I know a couple areas I need to improve on but any input would be appreciated, as like I said, I know almost nothing about correct form. Also I couldn't get the youtube embedding to work, I pasted the links between the Youtube tags and it just came up as an error occured
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