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Default Week 3

Week 3 was tough. Hamstrings and lower back felt pretty smoked, so I started using a weight belt during CJ and squats.

A few PRs this week:
FS: 271 on Monday, then 275 on Saturday
SN: on Monday I hit 155 (80%) for a drop set of five -- it wasnt programmed, but I just wanted to go for it after going for my heavy single
Hang Clean (knee)x2: 205, missed 210 three different times just barely

Highs/lows for the week
SN: 181.5/176
CJ: 225/220
BS: 325/305
FS: 275/255

Really looking forward to the rest of week 4 aka recovery week. Since my low back and hamstrings are in pretty bad shape, I've decided to forego the squat drop sets and good mornings until next week.
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