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Originally Posted by Beasty Boy View Post
I dont have a squat rac or gym membership... so my squats are probably lacking judging by comparitive standards...I have a 150lb sand bag, 60lb vest and a barbell on the floor... what do you suggest
if your trying to get more leg strength via squats w/o a rack that is going to be tough as you said...

you can do some "barbell complex's" to get in some technique and conditioning.

1 example:

power clean
front squat
push press (transition to back rack)
back squat
push press (from back rack)

repeat sequence 5-7 times for 3-5 sets.

pistol squats are another good leg strengthening tool too.

squatting that sand bag is another idea too. throw it on your back or shoulder knock out a set and do a 40 yard sprint and repeat for series of rounds...

sometimes you have to get creative!

good luck!
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