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Javier Sanjuan
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Nice work! Way to get after some PRs. It's motivating me as I head into my heavy-single Saturday.

I noticed a couple of things in addition to what Justin said -- it's always good to work on mobility. I'll try to list them with a brief description and how I think you can approach fixing them:


1. Lead out with your chest a bit more. The moment you get ready to pull the weight off the ground, you shoot your hips up just a little bit. Halting snatch deadlifts at one inch or right below the knee will help this. Focus on pushing through the ground. I always tell my lifters that you always want to push through the ground, never pull off of it. It resonates with most of them.

2. Power/change of speed in the second pull. Overall, I can tell there's a change of speed. I can see the bar being propelled upwards because of that explosiveness; however, I think you'd benefit from slowing down your first pull and really feeling how explosive you can be with that pull. I have a lifter that I started doing that with and she not only power snatched her old PR, but she continued to add weight and having the same effect. It'll help you realize that it's not the speed from the ground to the hips that matter, but the change of speed in the power position. That's why we call it the power position!

3. Faster pull under and quicker turnover. You really want to attempt to have those arms pushing up against the bar and palms cradling the bar a little sooner. A lot of times, people try to cue lifters to have their arms extended at the same time their feet reconnect. It's a good cue to promote a faster pull under and more vigorous push under. You can help this by doing tall snatches, dip snatches (from the power position), or block snatches with the bar starting in the upper mid-thigh.

Clean and Jerk -- all the above for the snatch apply for the clean portion. Turn over those elbows a little quicker and let the bar rest on your shoulders! Unless you're Andrei Chemerkin and you're able to literally hold the bar off your shoulders, you're going to cause a lot of undue stress onto the wrists with heavier weights. On the jerk, you should want that back leg bent so that if you need to push yourself any further, you'd do so by bending that back knee further down, not trying to press the bar up. Really drive yourself under that bar.

I hope this helps. You're doing great and I hope to see more PRs in the future!

Javier A. Sanjuan
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