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I agree with Justin. You do have some long legs and I think your position is fine where it is. The only thing about the first pull is that you're lifting the hips too fast and it looks like your lower back is just a little bit soft. Think about your shoulders and hips rising at the same time and keeping your chest up on that first pull. I think just doing some clean DLs and really working on engaging that back before you lift the bar off of the floor.

Also, your weight is just a tad forward on the jerk. Try to dip off of the heels with the hips straight down like Justin said. It looks like you're also over-reaching that back foot too. I recommend doing some Split Push Presses (behind the neck) to help you feel out the weight distribution between the front and back foot.

You can see Jolie doing this exercise in this video at :45.

Vertical shin, upright torso, soft back knee, and even weight distribution.
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