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This is a great topic. I agree with Keith about making the goals quantifiable. Be as specific as possible. I believe there should be an overall, long-term goal and then a few short-term goals to help reach the overall goal. The reason for that is to let the person feel some sort of satisfaction along the way.

For example:

Long-term goal -> lose 30 pounds.

Short-term goals
-> 1. be able to jog 1 mile every day for a week.

(steps to achievement --> a. run around the block every day for a week.
b. run a 1/2 mile every day for a week.
c. and so on until the short-term goal is reached.)

-> 2. clean up your diet.

(steps to achievement --> a. cut out soda/fried foods/processed foods/gluten as much as possible
b. drink more water
c. follow a dieting program [])

-> 3. get more sleep.

(steps to achievement --> a. get ready for bed sooner
b. keep the TV off when trying to go to sleep. [record your shows!]
c. do whatever else helps you fall asleep.

As you start achieving short-term goals along the way, it will make it a lot easier to reach the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, we live in a world of instant gratification and no one has the patience for the journey to success.

Also, if it helps, write down your goals so you see it everyday as a reminder that you have dedicated yourself to achieve something and to keep yourself disciplined.
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