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Hello, long time reader, first time poster. Have been endeavoring to become more proficient at the olympic lifts and lifting in general. Use the lifts as strength/speed building tools for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I weigh 180 lbs, am 6'0, and have been lifting now for somewhere around 3 months. Max snatch is a 170 lb and max C&J is 265, performed recently. I think my snatch can be much better but is being hampered probably by a weak overhead position and bad hip/ankle mobility, but hopefully I can work on these and other things pending critique response.

I appreciate your time and input and can take other videos of near-maximal loads, different angles, failed lifts, etc, if need be. Heading to Austin, TX probably next Friday to work with Oleg Kechko of OK Weightlifting (I live in San Antonio. He seems to be the only "legit" coach around, according to research/word of mouth, and will be my first in-person coaching of any kind..looking forward to it, but could use some pointers to work on before heading out there).

Both lifts are 135lbs:

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