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I tend to set one big goal and then attack that goal without regards to any other goal.

For example, my last three big goals were:
Squat 137 kg (300 lbs)
Snatch 70 kg
Qualify for the American Open

For the squat goal, all I did was squat. It didn't matter if I accomplished anything else that day as long as I squatted. Sure, there were plenty of days when I snatched or did other lifts, but those didn't matter. If my snatch had gone into the toilet in that time period (which it didn't), I wouldn't have cared.

For the snatch goal, all I did was snatch. Same idea. Yes, I squatted. Yes, I did some clean and jerks. But, none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was my snatch.

For the AO, it was a little more complicated. I had to work my ass off snatching and cleaning and jerking every day. But my sole focus was on the qualifying total and on doing enough meets with the goal of hitting that total. That was all that mattered. A PR total didn't matter, a PR snatch didn't matter, a PR clean and jerk didn't matter. A QUALIFYING TOTAL mattered. This meant that I had to go into several meets willing to bomb because all I was after was the QT. And, I did bomb at one, and it sucked, but I knew it was highly likely. So, I got over it and did more meets and qualified.

I've basically done this over and over again for the past four years or so. It keeps working, so I'm not interested in changing things.

At the moment, my goal is a 150 kg squat.

Guess what I do every day?
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