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Default snatch technique trouble


my name is Ivan Oliveira, I'm from Portugal and I started Oly lifting about one and a half years now.
Olympic weightlifting is pretty poor here, and there's only a few places where you can actually train.
So I started looking on the internet for tips, schedulles, and technique discussion.
I've seen a lot of youtube videos also and I'm following a Greg's plan for beginners that I kinda adapt to
My technique is pretty much self-taught and I've made a slow progress, but now I'm a bit 'stuck' with
my snatch technique. I'm missing almost all my reps to the front.
I mean... I'm strong and as you see in the video I can almost muscle snatch 90kg but I can't squat snatch
more than 80kg.
My questions are: what is wrong with my snatch and what can I do to improve it (exercises, drills,
acessory movements... whatever!)

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