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Default Choosing shoes

So someones probably going to decapitate me for starting a thread about shoes when there´s already plenty on the topic. But I´ve been digging through alot of them already and none of them seemed relevant so I guess I´ll risk my non existing popularity on this board...
So! I´m buying a first pair of OLY shoes. Have no opportunity of trying them out before I buy as I´m restricted to web shops. Then again, this also means "endless options"...
So what´s a good bet in terms of what brand/model to choose?
I don´t mind paying for quality but on the other hand, I´m the one who´s gonna wear them so no need for "superduperallstarthousandsofdollarshoes that would win the olympics.
I´ve been looking at some of the "mainstream" brands like Rogue, Nike, Adidas but frankly have no idea how to "judge the quality" and most reviews seem to have different opinions, as is expected with such a personal item like shoes.
My only preference is a 3/4 heel....
Any general recommendations?
Thanks in advance for leaving my head on!
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