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Default Week 5

Good week, and a tough week. I started adding mobility movements in the morning, focusing on the high hamstrings and IT band--it really made a difference. This coming week, to battle the longer workouts, I'm going to do the squats in the am with the mobility. I understand this is not how the program is prescribed, but at least I'll be getting all the work in. Next weekend is the seminar with cal strength and I'm really looking forward to learning a lot that will benefit these workouts. Also, I'm loving the change of pace with the new movements introduced in week 5--its mentally refreshing.

PRs for the week:
Front Squat up to 280.5
Jerk at 225 from the rack (never hit that from the rack before even though my best CJ is 235)
Power Clean 205 for a double

Highs/lows for the week:
Snatch: 176/165 (this is really falling off)
CJ: 230/220 (happy to see 230 again)
FS: 280.5/260
BS: 315/315

Just want to also say, thanks for the feedback from you guys. Knowing that you're watching helps get me back in the gym on the days when I feel like not going. Thanks.
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