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What are your squat numbers? If you feel weak standing up out of the bottom position then I would say it's a weakness in the legs. In that case, I would suggest a squat program along with some overhead squats.

On your initial lift off of the floor, it looks like you're back is a little soft. Try to lift the bar off of the floor a little slower and focus on keeping your back tight and your chest up on that first pull; rather than being "hunched" over the bar with your chest down. As that bar passes the knees, push the bar in towards your body. It looks like you are "reaching" your hips to the bar a little bit which may be the cause of missing in front. Try doing some Segment Snatch Pulls/Halting Snatch DLs/Snatch DL to knee.

After the extension, make sure your elbows are breaking UP and OUT. It looks like you're kind of just turning the wrist over as you drop underneath the bar. Use the bar to pull yourself down as that bar is moving up (the third pull). This will create a quicker turnover and let you stabilize the bar overhead as you descend in the squat.
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