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I figured I should also add some to this..where I'm at, goals, etc.

Since I last posted here, except for last night of course, I have lost about 100 pounds. I have about 35 left to go, but woot...It's especially nice since I gained back a lot of weight after taking a nice trip down a flight of stairs and was unable to train for about half a year.

I'm no longer interested in powerlifting. Nor do I want to compete in olympic lifting, only wishing to do the lifts for their physical and athletic benefits. My goals now are:

1. Look good naked.
2. Be strong and fit enough to excel at my everyday activities and those that come up.

Like I said, no longer interested in competitive lifting on any level. The only athletic endeavors I am interested in regularly are occasional pickup games and a few snowboarding trips a year. Also have toyed with the idea of doing a tough mudder and my friend and I have talked about spending a month next summer on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Like I said, I still have about 35 pounds left to lose, but I haven't done a very serious strength training routine in awhile. I'm okay with working on that and allowing the pound loss to come to a crawl since I know that even if it is slow, the body comp changes will still be great.

So those are my goals. One concern I have is that with no coaching, I don't want to develop bad habits that will get me hurt when the weight with the full lifts gets heavier. I do plan to try to get to the Catalyst Athletics gym this winter, since it's not far from me, for the olympic lifting classes, but that won't be until like January.
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