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Default Flexible weight progression

Hi all,

First of all, I'm sorry for my poor english...

I've been training Oly for five years; at the begining I was in a small Oly Weightlifting club but now a day I'm coaching myself (in fact I've been coaching myself for to two years)

I used to use classical weight progression but in april I started in a new job and I've a week on call every month. The problem is in the week on call I won't know If I can training properly (If I receive a call from operation team I'll have to go to my house a fix the issue for example)... the last week on call I couldn't go to the gym and I broke the progression at the peak

So I'm looking for a weight progression that I'll be able to continue without break the progression If I don't go to train for one week.

Any ideas?? I'm thinking something about adding volumen using 70-85% of MR

Regards and thanks in advance

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