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Default Programming for a Beginner

After reading Coach Everett's Book and going through the "Technique Development Program", I'd like to start following some kind of program that'll help me gain some weight on th bar and improve my technique.
I'm dealing with recovery from an ACL, PCL and Meniscus Full tear, so my flexibility and strength are quite limited for now (I can back and front squat prety well, but OHS is realy hard for me).
That been said, I'd like to train 3 times a week (due to work limitations), and I'm not sure what program I should choose.

* I've seen here a few recommendations regarding the "position/technique" program - Is it possible to adjust it for a 3-days/week training?

* I've also seen Glenn Pendlay's beginner program, which is already adjusted for 3-days/week, but seems less fit for working on technique.

I'd love to get your recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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