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I have a Pendlay 15 kg bearing bar as well as three 15 kg Pendlay bushing bars at my gym.

Unless you really want to spend $500, I would tell you to go a completely different route and buy the 15 kg bar from Again Faster. It is $189. We have a 15 kg and a 20 kg one at our place, and it is fast becoming the favorite weightlifting bar at the gym.

The knurl is a little more slick than some, but mine spins as well if not better than the Pendlay bushing bars. I bought it to compare to the Rogue Bella bar because of the similarity in price, and I love this one compared to the Bella bar.

The other one to check out is the bushing bar from Vulcan. I don't own one yet, but I often lift at a gym that does. It's about the same price as the one from Again Faster, and it spins better than the Pendlay bearing bar. The spin is kind of ridiculous compared to any of the bars I've lifted on.

I've snatched to max and/or hit PRs on all of these bars, so until a $500+ bar can prove that it really makes or breaks a lift for me, I am all for a slightly less expensive bar, especially if you are the only one who will be using it. I am not talking about buying a piece of crap bar that doesn't spin... there are simply quality bars for less money out there at this point.

Save the extra money for travel expenses for meets, better bumper plates and other weightlifting stuff unless you really have $500 to spend just on a bar.

For reference, my max snatch is 71 kg, and I'm 37 years old. One of our better male lifters, who snatches 131 kg, much prefers our Rogue Econ bar to the Pendlay bushing bar. In fact, I think all of our guys do at this point. The Rogue Econ is $199. So, it's not all in the price of a bar.
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