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Clean & Jerk (1 rep on minute every minute for 10 min)
245lbs x 8
* 2 misses (1 on clean / 1 on jerk)

Front Squat
285lbs x 3
295lbs x 2
295lbs x 1

*kept leaning forward on the last 2 sets of kept bending my left arm

Conditioning @ 105 degrees
100m sprint x 5
200m sprint x 3

hard session today.

clean & jerks felt heavy...seemed to take a few reps once the clock started to get in the "groove"...still felt they were ugly though.

front squats felt heavy as

sprints were good...this is the 3rd week of our sprint workout. the 5 100m are getting easier...the 3 200m sprints still hurt..but I felt better today compared to last weeks.

Food intake has been pretty spot on this week too....been consuming about 2g a day of fish oil as well. water intake could be better...piss still yellow and smelly...haha
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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