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Hunter Laing
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Wed 9-11-13

am - SASa2


A1. wall assisted tuck half press HS - 5 x 3
A2. tuck front lever hold - 5 x 15 sec

Front levers felt really strong today. The first hold was basically an adv tuck position for the whole 15 sec. Still focusing on retracting scaps hard and lengthening my neck for depression.

B1. band assisted tuck planche - blue x 5 x 15 sec
B2. knees to elbows - 5 x 10

Tuck planches went well today. I tried to focus on feeling my serratus working, and it worked for a couple sets, but I started to lose depression, so I need to remember to feel my SA while keeping my neck long. Knees to elbows felt better today too. I think the secret to them is to keep the upper back and shoulders active the whole time, because I was swinging less on the way down and not getting into as much of a FL position on the way up.

C1. YTWLs - 3# x 3 x 5 ea

These are a really good cool down/prehab movement for my straight arm days. - SASb2


A1. ring support - 5 x 15 sec
A2. arch scap pulls - 5 x 7

Not much to say here, ring supports are getting stronger every time I do em, and I'm having to arch less and less on the scap pulls. I just need to remember to focus on hard retraction at the top, and I'm trying to externally rotate my arms a little at the top too because I can pull much harder in the arch scap hang with a neutral grip than with pronated one.

B1. bent knee straddle L - 5 x 15 sec
B2. german hang w/ pull out - 5 x 15 sec

Decided to try out bent knee straddle L's instead of straight leg straddle L's because I feel like the low straddle L isn't helping bring up my compression strength which, along with some pike flexibility, is what I really need to a true straddle L. Got deeper in the german hangs, and started lowering into them in an adv tuck back lever.

C1. YTWLs - 3# x 3 x 5 ea

My shoulders and upper back feel awesome after these. Its incredible how much of a burn you can get with so little weight.
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