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Hunter Laing
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Fri 9-13-13

am - BASd


A1. false grip ground row - 6, 4+2, 1+3+2, 4+2
A2. ring dips - 6, 6, 6, 5 / 31X1

I need to go back to incline rows to train the false grip more, because I kept slipping out of it into a kind of bent-wrist grip. All the +'s in the reps for FG ground rows are where I had to regrip to finish the set. I also need to put more focus into depression and retraction during these reps. Ring dips felt good. Will continue to work these til I get 10x6, then start working on rto dips.

B1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 2 x 10 each arm / 4020

These felt good. Got a good burn in my shoulders. I think I'll stick with 5# on these for a while because I got a better burn here than with 6.5# and 7#.

Also, thank god I've got more deload sessions coming up because my body has been feeling really beat up. - OLY

AM fem/bar

A1. Snatch 1RM
75 x 3
85 x 2
95 x 2
105 x 1
115 x 1
125 x 1
130 x f
130 x 1 PR

Tried starting with a wider stance on my pull, and I think it made it a little easier, but I started jumping my feet out really wide, causing my knees to come in every time I stood up. I might try, over the next couple weeks, to work on starting wide and not moving my feet at all to keep my stance close. 125# flew up today, and I got under it really well. The first attempt at 130 was high enough but I lost it forward. The second attempt was pretty easy, but I didn't catch it all the way in the hole, although from the video it looks like I was below parallel.

Also, I definitely did something to my left inside hamstring, as it started to bother me around 115 on snatches.

B1. Clean 1RM
115 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 1
170 x 1

Called it at 170 because my hamstring was starting to bother me more and I wanted to save it for squats, so no clean PR today. Although, now I am 5# away from both my snatch and clean goals.

b x 10
95 x 5
135 x 3
160 x 4
170 x 4
180 x 4
190 x 4

All reps felt pretty easy, but by now my left knee was really bothering me, partly because of wide snatch catches and partially because of the hamstring, so I decided to skip front squats today too.

D1. ankle mob
D2. shrimp - back knee only x 5 x 5 each leg
D3. harop curl - 5 sec neg/hand assist x 5 x 5

I was hesitant to work the harop curl at first, but it actually made my hamstring feel better. Shrimps were easier today, and as always my knees felt good afterwards when they, and especially my left, had felt pretty sore earlier in the session.
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