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Hunter Laing
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Sat 9-14-13

am - SASad


A1. wall assisted tuck half press HS - 2 x 3
A2. adv tuck front lever hold - 2 x 15 sec

I couldn't really get into a groove today on the press HS for some reason, and my right wrist wasn't feeling great. Front levers felt really strong though, and I'm pretty confident I can call them adv tuck now, my back even started to unhollow a little on the first set as I tried to extend farther, but I made sure to fix it on the second set.

B1. band assisted tuck planche - red/purp x 2 x 15 sec
B2. knees to elbows - 2 x 10

Tuck planches felt good today. My hips were a little high on the first set, but I fixed that with a little more forward lean on the second set. Protraction and depression were also both strong, although I might need to depress harder on my left side, and my neck stayed long. Knees to elbows were pretty easy. I did slightly tweak something in my middle back on the right side, but I dunno if it was from snatches and cleans yesterday, or from something today, but I only started feeling it after I was done with B1 and B2.

C1. YTWLs - 3# x 1 x 5 ea

Felt good, except for where my back was tweaked. - SASbd


A1. rto support - 2 x 20 sec
A2. arch scap pull - 2 x 7

Both of these felt strong today. On the ring dips, I've been trying to push my chest out more so I'm less hunched over, and the position feels much stronger. I'm also working on not having my arms touch my sides while in the support. The arch scap pulls felt good today, especially in the first couple reps of each set, where I was basically pulling into a half lay front lever for half a second, and I was controlling them better on the way down.

B1. bent straddle L - 2 x 15 sec
B2. german hang w/ pull out - 2 x 15 sec

I did the straddle L's on pushup handles today, because my wrists have been feeling beat up. I might work them like this for a while so I'm not stressing my wrists a lot in every workout I do. German hangs felt fine. I started lowering into them through an adv tuck BL, and hit a half lay BL for a second on the first set. I also lowered myself to hang through an adv tuck FL after pulling back to an inverted hang. Luckily my back tweak didn't affect any of the exercises I did in this session.

C1. YTWL's - 1 x 5
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