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Originally Posted by Chad Lammert View Post
I'm starting this thread to help keep me compliant with the Double Day Squats and Heavy Weights program, and also to get your feedback on my progress. I'm planning on posting every week so that I'm held to finishing out this program--so far its been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

A little background on me:
  • I've been weightlifting a year and a half
  • I don't have a coach
  • My best lifts are 192.5 SN, 235 CJ, 270 FS, 330 BS

First week:
Snatch (High/Low): 176/175
CJ (H/L): 225/220
FS (H/L): 270 (pr)/ 255
BS (H/L): 320/295

Technical issue:
I had my friend video me for a few lifts and one thing I'm seeing in my Snatch is that when I reach the power position (hips at bar), I'm not on my heels. Do you have any suggestions for helping me fix this issue while staying compliant with this program? All thoughts are appreciated.

Here's one of the videos:

Thanks guys
I think the bar is slightly away from you before you even lift it off the floor, consequently it is in front and ends up arcing/looping around (short pull) hence the back and forth/rocking in the catch (well held!)

get the bar slightly closer to the shins/in very light contact and keep your chest up/push it out and keep that position throughout the pull/catch
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