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Matt Foreman
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- I would recommend around 20 minutes also. I'm usually training in a hurry, so I rarely wait more than 5 minutes between SN and C&J. If I had the time, I would go a little longer, but probably no more than 20.

- Eating- Something small, preferably with some sugar in it. A good old fashioned Snickers Bar is hard to beat. Clif Bars are good too. Whatever it is, just make sure it doesn't make you feel bloated when you start those C&Js.

- In the gym, I think it's hard to come back for a big C&J right after you've done a massive SN PR. It's easier to do it in a meet, simply because you're in competition and you know you HAVE to come up with big C&Js. The pressure is on all the way to the end. In the gym, it's different. That's why I never plan max SN and C&J on the same day in training.
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