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Default Preventing shoulder injury

Background: I'm a former baseball player and am concerned about my shoulders when doing O-lifts and technique/strength work associated with the lifts. I don't have very good overhead strength which limits my jerk and snatch. I've been doing Greg's Intermediate Program 1 from his book; I selected it because the volume seems right for me and it includes some clean/snatch push press, power jerk + jerk complexes, OHS, and snatch balances to help me build some overhead strength and stability.

I have two questions:

1) On days that include snatch push press or moderate volume of jerks, my shoulders really hurt by the end of the sets. It goes beyond a muscular hurt and feels like it is more in the connective tissue. There is no grinding, snapping, or popping. It is most definitely NOT a pain, more of a dull ache in the ligaments/tendons. I used to have some elbow tendonitis when playing baseball (10+ years ago), and that was a more severe ache than lingered for hours after throwing. I can say with confidence that this feeling in my shoulder is not the same. In addition to the ache being of significantly lower intensity, this ache is generally completely gone minutes after the last set, especially if I do some arm circles. Is this just my connective tissue adapting to the stimulus and getting stronger? For what its worth, I'm feeling fully recovered, including my shoulders, and haven't had to take any additional rest days beyond what is prescribed in the program template.

2) Are there any recommended "pre-hab" shoulder exercises to help strengthen the stabilizing muscles and connective tissue of the shoulder? To prevent shoulder injury, I currently perform the dynamic range-of-motion warm-up on the CA site and in Greg's book, follow that with some shoulder dislocates with a dowel, and warm-up with presses, jerks, OHS, or snatches with just the bar. As I'm performing the push press or jerk complexes that cause the aching in my shoulder, I do some rotator cuff exercises with a theraband that I remember from my baseball playing days (external and internal rotations mainly). Does anyone have any recommendations to my routine that will help prevent shoulder injuries or damage?

I'm perusing the pre-hab, rehab and warmup sticky at the top of this forum for some suggestions, but also wanted to ask my specific questions. I appreciate the input.
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