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Both lifts look good. It looks like you're very athletic. I just found a couple of things from the videos.

Snatch - You're jumping back a little bit which is fine as long as the bar is moving back with you (which it is, in your case). Although this looks like an easy weight for you so be careful when it gets heavier. The reason you're jumping back is because you're picking your feet up off of the platform too soon. Stay flat footed just a little bit longer before you go into the 2nd pull. Also, your elbows are going straight back instead of up and out as they should be to correctly execute the 3rd pull.

Clean - Try to open up a little more on the extension. Your body is straight up and down and your feet are almost flat. Push through the floor longer and open up a little more. Also, same thing with the snatch, bring your elbows up and out as you pull yourself down under the bar to receive it.
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