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Hunter Laing
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Fri 9-20-13

am - BAS2

wrist stretches

A1. false grip ground rows - 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6
A2. ring dips - 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5

Huge breakthrough on false grip rows today. For the first two sets, I reset my grip every rep to try and get the strongest false grip hold I could, but I was still slipping some, so I decided to try chalking my hands. The next 8 sets were done without a single regrip, which allowed me to focus a lot more on retraction and depression and on pulling with my lats. I also made sure to pull my chest to the rings on every rep and focused on keeping my elbows as close as possible.

Numbers dropped by 1 in the ring dips, for two reasons I think: 1) I did a more advance row, requiring more strength from my back which made my whole body slightly more fatigued, and 2) I started checking my depth by making sure I touched my bicep to the rings in the bottom part of every rep.

B1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 5 x 10 each arm

On these today, I focused on actually rotating my shoulder, which started pumping up some of the middle parts of my back. I'll need to do some research to see where I should actually be feeling this movement because I'm still not sure.

C1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

squat mob
AM fem/bar

A1. snatch 1rm
75 x 2 x 3
85 x 2 x 2
95 x 1
105 x 1
115 x 1
120 x 1
125 x f
125 x 1
130 x f
130 x 1 form PR
135 x f

Super pumped that I hit 135# today, especially seeing as I had set it as a goal for 4 weeks from now at the end of the hatch cycle. It still needs some work, though. I didn't catch it as low as I'd like to, and I didn't have enough control over it to lower into a full ohs but still, I'm pretty happy to have hit this weight. In the video you can see me about to yell with excitement but then I notice the gym owner, who hates loud noises in his gym, watching me so I try to play it off, haha.

Some things about the snatch today: I tried squeezing my upper back at the start of the snatch, and it felt like it made my overhead position in the catch much stronger. I need to work on getting my elbow high and outside when shrugged though, because I forgot to do that a lot, resulting in all my misses today, which were all forward. I also need to work on hitting the deep squat as fast as possible, instead of catching a little high and then riding it down, because lately all my max attempts have been caught a little high and not under enough control to ride down.

B1. clean 1rm
95 x 2
115 x 2
135 x 1
155 x 1
165 x 1
175 x 1
185 x f

Cleans felt a little off today. I tried starting with a tight upper back like in the snatches, but it kinda threw me out of my groove a little. Still, 175 was pretty easy, and I got under it quick. 185 was easily high enough, but I didnt pull under it fast enough, caught it too forward on my shoulders, and had to dump it. After dropping 3 snatches today, I was already under the watchful eye of the gym owner, and as soon as I dumped 185 he came running to yell at me for making too much noise. I decided to call it quits at this point because I didn't want to get kicked out until I find a better gym that allows dropping.

Also, one thing I need to work on for my cleans is reaching full hip extension before pulling under. I'm not yet sure why I don't do this, but I'm going to start paying more attention to it.

C1. ankle mob
C2. shrimps - back leg only x 2 x 5 each leg
C3. harop curl - hand assisted x 2 x 5
C4. pistol switches - 20# x 2 x 10 sec each leg

D1. super squat hip sequence
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