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Default Thanks!

Thanks for the replies. I watch a lot of Kelly Starrett's videos but I haven't seen either of those yet. I'll definitely read through that article when I get some time.

Should I do reverse hypers on a swiss ball or a bench with no weight? I don't have a reverse hyper machine and I train in my garage.

i appreciate form clarification on the good mornings as I've never done them before.

So today I took my first video after getting my oly shoes and it's not nearly as bad as it was before or as I thought it was. There isn't so much rounding but I'm not maintaining an arch in my low back, and I definitely experience some lumbar pain as the weight goes up (that's what concerns me most). Here are videos of my first and last set this morning, and you will get an idea of just how weak I am. At 135 lb body weight I have the unmatched ability to make a 115 lb front squat look like a 400 lb front squat lol. I don't have a rack or stand yet so I have to start my front squats from a really bad power clean, and my overhead squats from an even worse hang/power/muscle snatch. I edited that part out because I'm looking for squat critique and I'll have some stands within the next month or 2.

Thanks again!
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