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Hunter Laing
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Tue 9-24-13
cort3 - OLY

squat mob
stick stuff
AM fem/bar

During the AM warmup today, I focused on keeping my low back as tight as possible in the bottom of the ohs and it made it feel so much better. I think I've been letting my low back go soft for a while now, so this is something I will be focusing on for the foreseeable future.

A1. 2RM hang clean (above knees)
95 x 2 x 3
115 x 2
135 x 2
145 x 2
155 x 2
165 x 2
170 x 2 PR-5#

These felt pretty good today, especially considering how shitty I felt lifting yesterday. I may have had 175 on this today, but I didn't wanna push it too hard. I also started experimenting with a knees-in squat (first read about it here) that the Chinese supposedly use to recruit more quad into their squats and to keep the torso more upright, and I like it. I need to learn a little more control when bringing my knees in, because some reps I feel like they came in too far, but overall I think this is something very promising that I will continue to experiment with.

B1. 3x2 hang clean (above knee) @ 95%
160 x 3 x 2

Felt good here. The bar started getting out in front of me on some reps, so I focused more on using my lats to keep the bar close and it worked pretty well. One rep even pulled to far back, but I still caught it and made the lift.

b x 5
95 x 5
145 x 5
160 x 5
170 x 5
180 x 5

I experimented with the "chuanfu squat" on these too, and it made them much easier. I need more control over how far I bring my knees in and I need to be more consistent with it, but so far I really like this way of squatting. I also didn't get any of the tweaked feeling in my left knee that I usually get when trying to keep my knees out.

D1. Front squat
b x 5
115 x 5
125 x 3 x 5

Used the "chuanfu squat" on these too, and it really made a difference in how upright I could remain coming out of the hole.

E1. ankle mob
E2. shrimp - back knee only x 3 x 5 each leg
E3. harop curl - 3 x 5
E4. pistol switch - 15# x 3 x 10 sec + 1 concentric rep each leg

I really like this combination for working on knee stability, vmo, and ankle mobility. Also, its official that the only thing holding me back from pistols is ankle mobility, because today, after my 10 sec hold with my left leg, I did a concentric pistol out of the bottom with ease, then I did the same with my right leg. I'll keep working these, and maybe add eccentrics into the mix as well.

F1. super squat hip sequence


pm - EQd

wrist stretches
stick stuff

A1. back body line drill - 1 x 20 sec
A2. weighted shoulder stretch - 1 x 30 sec

B1. HS body line wall drill - 1 x 30 sec
B2. half straddle down - 1 x 6 + 1 ecc.

I think I might need to move my hands a little away from the wall, because the position I'm in has my shoulders slightly closed because my chest is against the wall. I'll try farther hand placement on thursday.

C1. elbow lever hold - 1 x 15 sec

I havent done these in a long time, but for now I think I'll work towards the OAEL instead of playing around with gatherings until I get my body line better.

D1. wrist conditioning

E1. shoulders

This was a nice little deload session.
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