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Originally Posted by Dan Appert View Post
Solid advice, thanks for the analysis. I have trouble pushing my hips back while maintaining vertical posture. I go more diagonal when my hips are back, but I think this is the lack of core strength/spinal erector activation coming into play. I have a lot to work on. I did good mornings in my afternoon training session and I'm going to keep them in with my posterior chain work.
When you're squatting for Olympic lifting, you should not consciously try to sit back. That was the only real issue I noted, and probably the reason for the sore back. Sit DOWN!! And, as was said already, get those elbows up more to keep the upper back tighter.

Overall, not bad, I was expecting much worse. The sitting back is causing your body to rock forward and back so you're not keeping your weight balanced on the mid-foot towards heels.
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