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Hunter Laing
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Wed 9-25-13

am - SASad

wrist stretches

A1. wall assisted half tuck press HS - 2 x 3
A2. adv tuck front lever hold - 2 x 15 sec

Wrists felt a little sore during the press HS's, but I may have had them too far from the wall on the first set as the second set didn't strain them as much. The first front lever hold felt very strong. I was focused on long neck, retraction, and keeping hollow, and I felt my lats working more than I have in any other FL hold I've done. I tried to replicate this feeling on the second set, but I think I focused too hard on the hollow and didn't keep my neck long enough, resulting in a not so great second hold.

B1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 2 x 15 sec
B2. knees to elbows - 2 x 10

The first set of tuck planches felt very strong. I had good protraction and depression, and my hips were level with my shoulders the whole time. I could have tucked a little harder though. The second set, I tried turning my hands slightly out to put less strain on my wrists, and the hold felt good, but I only held it for maybe 10 sec. I think this is for two reasons: 1) I didn't have the tension in my wrists to help me lean farther over my hands, and 2) I didn't really tuck at all which just makes it harder. I think that remembering to tuck really hard will be the most important thing for me when training up to the tuck planche, because I need tension throughout my body and not just in my shoulder girdle.

C1. YTWL's - 3#s x 1 x 5

D1. wrist conditioning

pm - SASbd

wrist stretches

A1. rto support - 2 x 20 sec
A2. arch scap pull - 2 x 7

Rings supports went well, there was no more pain or clicking in my left shoulder. Arch scap pulls went well too. I started using my feet on the ground to stop any swinging between reps, which I think will, over time, give me more control over the movement and lead to a stronger front lever position.

B1. german hang w/ pull out - 2 x 20 sec

Lowered into these through adv tuck back lever. Also decided to skip the straddle L's as I haven't really gotten anything out of practicing them these past 5 weeks. I think next SASb session that I might either do more sets of ring supports, or maybe some planche leans or protracted plank holds.

C1. YTWL's - 3# x 1 x 5
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